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The story behind FoodFootprint

FoodFootprint is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. Our aim is to inform people about the major impact of the food system and to inspire positive change.
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Our story

 We believe that change starts with yourself, but then you do have to know how to change. Tired of our endless discussions about the climate and especially about the pros and cons of being a vegetarian, low impact eating and the impact you can make by yourself, we went looking for data-driven answers. That turned out to be more difficult than expected, because we could not find exact answers or numbers anywhere. So we got to work!

It is impossible to discuss all the problems around the climate and nutrition in one site. Nevertheless, we hope to give you, as a reader, insight into choices you make every day, whether or not you are making these consciously. Making the best choices is not always easy, because there is no clear right and wrong when it comes to climate. Because how do you compare the impact of CO2 with the use of water? Or deforestation with animal suffering? We cannot answer these considerations. However, we can now show clear, scientifically substantiated numbers about the climate impact of food. Curious about the exact impact of the various meals and foods on this site? Check here 

Thank you for your additions to a more sustainable world!   

Friso Resink
Energy & Environment -University of Groningen

Bram Rijsbosch
Technology Policy – University of Cambridge

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