Data & Copyrights

On this page we provide information on the origins of our data and the copyright rules of this site contents.


Data Source
The basis of the data we use for the impact of the food and dishes are the 3 numbers about Co2, water and land impact. These 3 numbers come from the RIVM database, which can be found at the following link: All other data comes from operations of these 3 data points. For example, the dishes on this site are made up of combinations of the different foods.
This RIVM data is free to use on the condition that you give the name of the source and indicate any changes made to the data. The use must also be such that the impression is not created that the licensor agrees with your work or your use of the work. We have tried to do this with the utmost care and we hereby explicitly state this. 


Data Disclaimer
As stated on the RIVM site, the data on the environmental impact of foods are public and free to use (volledige licentietekst CC BY 4.0). However, the figures are still under development and can be adjusted based on new information.
Also no “critical review” has been done on these figures as specified in the ISO International Organization of Standardization -14040 norm. This means that this data should be seen more as generic data, which means that individual comparison, as sometimes done on this site, is not always exactly accurate. Our goal is to provide an overview of the data and to let people learn about their emissions and not to make exact comparisons. 


This site is a work in progress. We will continue to update the information and data and add new foods where possible (provided the data is based on scientific information). If you find that there is incorrect or wrong information on our site, we would like to hear about it and we will adjust it if necessary.   


Use of our content
As mentioned above, the original data of the RIVM can be used under certain conditions. To use other content on this site, contact the makers of via